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Becoming Obsessed Is Our Only Option

It seems that the obsessed people are definitely the most successful. Buy it is what they are obsessed with that makes them different. They seem to be obsessed with the thing that they want to be good at. This doesn’t seem to be limited to just one industry or business either as there are of…

Workwear For Summer

Worth the warm weather approaching I have put together a list of some essential pieces of workwear to prepare you for working in the heat. 1. Scruffs Work Shorts This well made tough pair of shorts comes with holster pockets and reinforced stitching ensuring you get plenty of wear out of these. Plus Scruffs have…

Finding New Electrical Service Jobs

Finding Electrician jobs in London can be a whole lot easier when you know your options. This is also the same other trades. Some of these methods of finding new work include: 1. Gumtree This is a advertisement platform in which you can find all sorts of tradespeople. It can be very effective as it’s…

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