What are Hilti Putty Pads?

What are Hilti Putty Pads?

As a homeowner or contractor, you may have heard of putty pads, but not everyone knows what they are or why they are important. Putty pads are used to seal electrical boxes and prevent the spread of fire through walls. Hilti, a global leader in construction tools and solutions, offers a range of putty pads that are easy to install and provide reliable fire protection.


What are Hilti putty pads?


Hilti putty pads are a type of firestop product that is designed to prevent the spread of fire through walls. They are made of a non-hardening silicone material that can be molded to fit around electrical boxes, pipes, and other penetrations in walls. The putty pads are installed inside the electrical box to create a fire-resistant barrier that can withstand high temperatures.


Why are Hilti putty pads important?


Hilti putty pads are important because they help prevent the spread of fire through walls. Electrical boxes are a common area where fires can start, and the use of putty pads can help contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the building. In addition to fire protection, Hilti putty pads also provide acoustic insulation to reduce noise transfer between rooms.


How to install Hilti putty pads?


Installing Hilti putty pads is a simple process that can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills. Here are the steps to follow:


1. Turn off the power to the electrical box.


2. Remove the cover plate from the electrical box.


3. Clean the surface around the electrical box to remove any dust or debris.


4. Take a piece of putty pad and mold it to fit around the electrical box.


5. Press the putty pad into the electrical box, making sure it is fully sealed around the edges.


6. Replace the cover plate and turn the power back on.




Hilti putty pads are an essential component of any firestop system. They provide reliable fire protection and acoustic insulation, making them an ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications. With their easy installation and high-performance capabilities, Hilti putty pads are a cost-effective way to protect your building from the spread of fire.


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