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  • Becoming Obsessed Is Our Only Option
    It seems that the obsessed people are definitely the most successful. Buy it is what they are obsessed with that makes them different. They seem to be obsessed with the thing that they want to be good at. This doesn’t seem to be limited to just one industry or business either as there are of […]
  • Workwear For Summer
    Worth the warm weather approaching I have put together a list of some essential pieces of workwear to prepare you for working in the heat. 1. Scruffs Work Shorts This well made tough pair of shorts comes with holster pockets and reinforced stitching ensuring you get plenty of wear out of these. Plus Scruffs have […]
  • Finding New Electrical Service Jobs
    Finding Electrician jobs in London can be a whole lot easier when you know your options. This is also the same other trades. Some of these methods of finding new work include: 1. Gumtree This is a advertisement platform in which you can find all sorts of tradespeople. It can be very effective as it’s […]
  • Best Cable Cutters For Electricians
    Here are a few of the top selling cable cutters as of 2023. You may not be surprised to see some of these but you may be surprised by one. C.K 3963 Cable Cutter 210mm Known amongst Electricians as one of the best brand of cutters these come with high regard. WORKPRO 8 Inch Cable […]
  • Best known beats best product. Period.
    The best product doesn’t always win. this is unfortunate for the end customer but it’s so true in everyday life. The most known Product or service wins more often than not. We buy products everyday that are available to us, that we know are not necessarily the greatest quality. Think of the last thing you […]
  • Growing a business, go big. It’s the only option we all have.
    The small businesses get taken out of the game first when times get hard. When customers are free and far between and margins are squeezed. The businesses thats service even in the worst of times seem to be the companies that are huge. They promote the most, they sell the most they are not necessarily […]
  • Promotion for new clients
    Getting new business is something every business owner needs to master. Being able to generate new money is survival in its purest form. The fantastic thing about the web is that there are many avenues in which you can push your services in order to generate interest. Promote your business with me today. actually find […]
  • Best Hammer Drills: Milwaukee M18CHX
    Definitely one of the most well known brands this is a popular choice amongst many tradespeople from multiple trades. Two times more motor life and up to 25% more power. Red Link Plus intelligence system.Red lithium-ion battery park offers up to 20% more power, up to 2x more battery, and up to 2x more run […]
  • Electrician Services in London
    Need an electrician who is reliable, trustworthy and experienced? I have teamed up with fantastic Electricians serving London boroughs. We got you covered. Get in contact today and we can get your job quoted.
  • Finding an Electrician in South East London
    Here at London’s Electrician we have made it our single priority to find the most skilled electricians in London. Electricians we work with are all fully qualified and vetted so you can be assured you are in capable hands. London Boroughs Covered If you cannot see your area on here give us a shout and […]
  • Become and Electrician with Trade Skills 4U
    January this year I will be taking my first step in training to become an electrician at Trade Skills 4U. From my research they seem like the best option for an adult learner like myself. Why I am training with a trade skills 4U Trade skills 4U offer electrical installation training courses allowing adult learners […]
    If you are looking for a tough long lasting and secure tool box the Erbauer Connecx is a great fit. Long-lasting durability is provided by heavy-duty structure and high impact resin. A built-in seal is there to shield the contents from contamination by dust and water. Valuables are safeguarded by a lockable mechanism.
    Dewalt have a great box here that is customizable. As all boxes we have looked at so far this has a IP54 waterseal protection from water and dust and metal-pin side stacking locks for greater durability and a longer lifespan. DeWalt Tracker may be fitted and box-tracked using DeWalt Tool Connect thanks to an internal […]
    Cracking tool chest that is completely mobile. Detachable organiser for tiny parts and accessories on a tool chest. handle with a soft grip for comfort. V-groove on the lid to facilitate cutting pipes and wood.
    Another fantastic storage unit from DeWalt. This storage box shields equipment from the worst environmental factors. Construction made of polypropylene with an obvious IP65 water and dust seal. Features a buckling lid with locking plastic clamps and quick-connect latches that are simple to use and save time when attaching modules. provided with wheels and an […]
    Like other Milwaukee packet storage units this particular unit is built with IP65-rated seals and impact-resistant polymer to avoid damage. Along with modular storage system and several footprints. Another cool thing is that it allows lock boxes, organisers, and totes to be stacked in any arrangement.
    Milwaukee are renowned for quality tools and this storage box is no different. This setup includes a box, a big box, and a trolley box. built with IP65-rated seals and impact-resistant polymer to avoid damage. Modular storage system with several footprints. allows lock boxes, organisers, and totes to be stacked in any arrangement.
    Keeping your tools and equipment clean and safe is critical for any tradesperson. Having a Mobile tool chest means you can keep your tools safe on every site you visit. Metal rail inserts on a water-resistant tool chest allow you to bungee-cord-load additional equipment on top. The top-loaded equipment will stay in place when pulling […]
    Brushless circular saw with high efficiency. Lightweight and compact construction. has automated speed management to guarantee peak performance even under load. The cutting line is cleaned of particles by an integrated dust blower. In severe weather, the Makita XPT system guards against dust and water infiltration. Makita Drill Specifics
  • Best Safety Boots in 2022: DEWALT BOLSTER SAFETY BOOTS
    These are by far my favourite Safety boots. They are great value for money work boots. These Dewalt Boots come in 100% leather upper with ankle support a padded collar and tongue.
  • DEWALT DCD778D2T-SFGB 18V Brushless Cordless Combi Drill
    This is an amazing combi drill with bundles of positive reviews on Amazon. Item specifics Compact and comfortable combi drill with XR technology and an 18V brushless motor. Features include spindle lock for quick and simple bit changing, 65mm max torque, and clever trigger design. Ideal for consistently driving screws of various sizes into a […]
    Another cracking drill by Milwaukee. This is a top pick from Screwfix. Drill specifics consists of a Powerstate brushless motor, which produces higher power and has a longer lifespan. Advanced digital overload protection is also provided by the RedLink Plus intelligence system, which greatly improves performance under stress. Use the Milwaukee ONE-KEY app to connect […]
  • What’s the difference between Trading 212 CFD and Invest?
    There are many different ways to trade CFDs, but they all have one thing in common: They allow investors to speculate on the price movements of certain financial instruments using leverage, whereas a typical Trading 212 Invest account allows you to purchase stocks for example, without leverage. The most popular way to trade CFDs is […]
  • Electric Increase In Price But Tesla Still Sparking
    The company has raised $2.8 billion in capital, and is valued at over $50 billion. But the stock has fallen by nearly half since its peak. The company just announced it will start selling cars directly to consumers, which could make it even more valuable. Tesla’s direct sales model could help the company avoid some […]
  • Electric Increase in Price. What difference this will make to your bill.
    The cost on your energy bills this year are gonna increase, but by how much you must be wondering… According to Ofgem, most people would pay an additional £1,570 for gas and electricity starting on October 1. Due to increased wholesale energy costs for energy companies, the energy price cap imposed by energy regulator Ofgem […]
  • Why Advertising is Important
    Advertising has always played an important role in the commercial world, allowing vendors to effectively compete for the attention of purchasers, dating back to Ancient Egypt. You can’t rely on a one-time announcement or word-of-mouth talk to sustain a regular stream of consumers, whether the items and services your firm delivers are a need, a […]
  • Using Google Ads to Advertise your Business
    Using Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) for your business might be the most profitable move you make. Using Google Ads for your business might be the finest move you ever make. This is not a hyperbole. Google is used 3.5 billion times every day by people. Each search provides you with an opportunity […]
  • 7 Cheap Ways to Advertise your Business
    Want to promote your name in front of new clients on a shoestring budget? Are you looking for a low-cost solution to promote your company? Check out this collection of budget-friendly physical and online company promotion ideas. What are the greatest strategies to promote your company without breaking the bank? Promoting a business is no […]
  • Advertising your Business on a Budget
    The most successful small companies know how to promote themselves. Good items are the barrier to entry, but advertising is what will get you the cash. Unfortunately, most business owners disregard marketing their company. They believe it will be costly and time-consuming, leading to the belief that “if you build it, they will come.” However, […]
  • Popular Ways to Promote your Business
    There are several ways to advertise your small business, ranging from Facebook ads and newsletters to conventional print and public relations. But how can you tell which one is the best? Topics Discussed– Relations with the media– Use of social media– Advertising on the internet– Publicity in the press– Postage stamps– SEO stands for “search […]
  • 14 Ways to Promote your Business in 2022
    The options that you have to your business and draw attention have evolved substantially in the last decade for business owners. The world is considerably more concentrated online now that COVID-19 is transforming the way we live and work. As a result, your company’s potential to attract more online attention has improved. With 2022 on […]
  • Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses
    What exactly is it?The term’social media’ refers to websites and applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that encourage users to share news and updates. Your small business may use social media to engage directly with customers, future customers, and industry in a comfortable and conversational manner. It’s one of the most common methods of small […]
  • Best Ways to Promote your Business
    Customers are necessary for your business to survive and develop. You must market your business in order to attract clients. It used to be a simple matter of choosing between a flyer, a brochure, a postcard, or a classified ad in the local newspaper. However, in today’s digital age, the options are limitless. So, if […]
  • 7 Cheap Ways to Promote Your Business
    Email marketing is a great way to start growing your business online. Begin creating your email list right away. Many small businesses are unaware of the advantages of email marketing and do not take advantage of their website or blog to expand their mailing list. A basic email registration form on your website may provide […]
  • 8 Ways to Advertise Your Plumbing Business
    Make a logo and a brand. Don’t be deceived by how basic this first suggestion appears to be. Your ultimate objective is to gain widespread brand awareness, and your company must inspire trust and urge people to spread the word about your work. From the beginning, you must establish a brand that can be expanded […]
  • Tips to advertise your Building Services in London
    You need to publicise your products and services, but how should you do it? You have choices, fortunately. The rise of social media has generated an abundance of new marketing alternatives in addition to tried-and-true business promotion approaches. Advertising has never been easier or more economical. Use these digital marketing and social media techniques to […]
  • Builders London Get Found Online
    If you are looking for work in and around London I can help. Speaking with tradespeople all around the UK people like to do different projects. If you could do more of a particular work, home extensions, bricklaying, conservatories, landscaping whatever it may be you can create a more targeted marketing plan with us. Working […]
  • Painter & Decorators London
    If you are a new or even well experienced painter and decorator finding fresh new clients in London can be difficult especially as there is an overwhelming number of new tradespeople to compete with, and it is not always the best professionals that get the jobs. I have worked with painters and decorators all around […]
  • Advertise London Business
    There are so many ways you can advertise your London Business today it really can be overwhelming for any young business when deciding where to start. Analysis paralysis comes to mind. When it comes to advertising online it’s important that you are targeting exactly who you want to be working with. Whether you are a […]
  • Finding Plumbing & Heating Work
    If you’re a plumbing and heating engineer in the UK looking for more ways to get in front of potential customers I may be able to help. Plumbing and heating engineers make up a lot of the clients I am regularly helping to find work around the country. If you are an engineer that is […]
  • Landscaping Services in London
    If your a Landscaper looking for landscaping jobs in London, I can help. I work with businesses small and large helping them to get discovered by customers online that are searching for their services. Landscapers are one of the many regular clients I work with. Ways in which I help businesses discover fresh new customers […]
  • Side hustles will never create wealth for you and your family…
    When you do the calculations, you’ll find that side hustles aren’t going to make you wealthy. Did you know that Uber drivers earn an average of £154 each month? That works out to £1,860 every year, which means it would take about 538 years to earn £1 million—which isn’t a lot of money. It’s not […]
  • ADVERTISE ideas for small business
    Want to advertise your small business but have a tight budget? Here are some low-cost marketing strategies that are both innovative and cost-effective. First and foremost, master the fundamentals.Before you get started, make sure you have the fundamentals of small company marketing in place. Recognize your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is […]
  • What marketing is + How you can market your business online effectively in 2021
    Would you prefer that your consumers find you rather than the other way around? Inbound marketing is a great place to start. HubSpot explains the value of inbound marketing for small businesses, how to get started, and how to find the best channels for your company in this section. Let’s look at a framework for […]
  • Advertising London Underground
    With so many different ways to promote your business it is often overwhelming when deciding which avenues to start with. You can reach the an average of 150k commuters that enter the Tube network every hour by advertising on the London Underground. In London, underground advertising is a critical component of audience targeting. It allows […]
  • Advertise for small business
    So you want to advertise your small business and there are an enormous amount of options to choose from offline and online. Here are a few ways you can start to get your business found online. Because at the end of the day if nobody knows you or cannot find you, you will not survive […]