Finding New Electrical Service Jobs

Finding Electrician jobs in London can be a whole lot easier when you know your options. This is also the same other trades. Some of these methods of finding new work include:

1. Gumtree

This is a advertisement platform in which you can find all sorts of tradespeople. It can be very effective as it’s a very popular website that draws in a lot of people (also known as traffic). Go to Gumtree to learn more.

2. Facebook

You may already use Facebook, as of 2023 around 2.9 billion people use it every month. The great thing here is you have a huge potential customer base, almost infinite if you focus on who you can sell your services too. Another great thing here is you don’t necessarily have to pay as you will need to on Gumtree. You can create a business page and post for free and join relevant industry groups to increase your brand awareness in the local area. For example check out this Electrical group I joined, and ask yourself “do you think that these people could be interested in what I sell?” Before you join the group.

3. Instagram

Similar to Facebook this commands a huge amount of traffic every month and can have potentially infinite amount of customers if you know who your targets are, otherwise it could be overwhelming, this platform gets around 1.21 billion monthly users. Not bad eh? Do you think a few of your next customers could be on there?

4. Canvassing with Flyers

This is where you will need to use some leg work but can be very effective if you can create an effective leaflet that catches the attention of the customers you are looking for, possibly an introductory offer or plenty of value adds on your leaflets telling the customer why you offer, with a call to action for them to follow up with. Check out Banana print, I buy my flyers from here they are cheap and produce great quality leaflets.

Thank you for reading,

If your interested in growing your business, taking on more clients and expanding on the number of people who know you, and can potentially do business with you.

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