Best known beats best product. Period.

The best product doesn’t always win. this is unfortunate for the end customer but it’s so true in everyday life.

The most known Product or service wins more often than not. We buy products everyday that are available to us, that we know are not necessarily the greatest quality. Think of the last thing you bought, maybe a piece of furniture that you purchased because it was the first one you see. This has nothing to do with the products quality. This happens with big purchases and little purchases.

This is vitally important in our businesses as we need to put forth our ideas and offers everyday without fail if we want a sliver of a chance of success. Ask yourself how many people have you ordered your services to today? If that number is zero how on earth are you likely to succeed when your going up against competitors that are actively selling new business everyday.

I actually find leads for businesses, helping them to take a bit of the pressure of having to find new business off their shoulders.

I’ve worked with many industries, including electricians, carpenters, roofers, scaffolding companies and many more.

At the end of the day a customer is a customer and finding your next paying customer is my job.

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