14 Ways to Promote your Business in 2022

14 Ways to Promote your Business in 2022

The options that you have to your business and draw attention have evolved substantially in the last decade for business owners.

The world is considerably more concentrated online now that COVID-19 is transforming the way we live and work. As a result, your company’s potential to attract more online attention has improved.

With 2022 on the horizon, now is an excellent moment to leverage on current trends and promote your company. Content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing are all viable options for promoting your company.

We’ll look at the fourteen most popular advertising platforms in this post, as well as how to advertise your brand in 2022 and beyond.

How to Market Your Company in 2022

For every £1 spent on Google advertisements, businesses make an average of £2.

1) Pay-per-click advertising (Search Ads)

Make no mistake about it: Google is a marketing machine. It may appear to be providing you with useful information and tools (Google Docs, Gmail, Calendars, and so on), but it’s really just trying to get you to view their adverts. The Google Ads platform generates 85% of Google’s income.

Over the last 10 years, Google advertisements have grown in popularity at an incredible rate. There were more than 160 billion Google searches every month in 2019. For every £1 spent on Google advertisements, businesses make an average of £2.

Pay per click advertising has a lot of advantages, one of which is that you only pay for what customers click on. For a little fee, you may harness the power of the search engine, whether you’re a huge or small company. Buyer interest is high due to the opportunity to target and test certain markets as well as launch specialised campaigns. It’s a terrific low-cost marketing tactic that works well in attracting new clients.

The sole disadvantage may be competition from other businesses in the same industry. Because Google Ads is so easy to use, most popular markets have numerous marketers competing for the top place.

The majority of us are accustomed to seeing advertisements in our social media feeds. This is a significant commercial potential.

2) Ads on social media

Advertising is the lifeblood of all social media platforms. LinkedIn began delivering paid advertisements in 2005, Facebook debuted ads in 2007, Twitter added ads in 2010, and Instagram added ads in 2013. Even TikTok, the highly popular social app, has begun to integrate ads.

People have grown accustomed to seeing advertisements in their social media feeds. Many people will walk right by them, yet they will still notice them, resulting in familiarity. The social media platform has expanded the ways in which advertisers may contact their target demographic using tools like Facebook leads forms. Both brand recognition and company marketing may be accomplished with social media. There are presently eight distinct strategies to market your business on Facebook that you should try.

The average cost per acquisition (CPA) on Facebook is fair for those that wish to promote there. According to a 2018 Wordstream survey, the average CPA on Facebook was $18.68 across all industries (compared to $48.96 on Google Ads).

Email marketing may assist in keeping your items and services in front of your customers’ minds.

3) Email Promotion

When you received an email fifteen years ago, you opened it. Today, your odds of getting all of your emails opened have decreased. While email open rates have decreased significantly over the last 10 years, the average open rate in 2019 has remained stable at 22%.

Sending emails to customers may still be a feasible strategy depending on your market. Email marketing may help keep your products and services top of mind for your customers, especially when used as part of a larger plan.

4) Publications

It’s simple to send a press release to your local and regional news outlets whenever your company achieves anything noteworthy. Public relations is a potent media instrument for generating publicity. With free dissemination through reputable news outlets, more people will notice it and be more inclined to engage with it. PRLog and 24/7 News Release are two websites where you may distribute your press releases.

Influencer marketing may help you expand your brand’s reach while also providing sales incentives.

5) Use of Influencers

The rise in popularity of micro-celebrities and influencers has spawned a relatively new and unproven advertising paradigm. ‘Influencers,’ who are popular on both Instagram and YouTube, are persons with a significant following (10,000 plus followers is a typical metric).

Influencer marketing may help you expand your brand’s reach while also providing sales incentives. The average cost of using an influencer to promote a company is £271 per post, according to a report by SproutSocial. The average cost per post for influencers with more than 100,000 followers was £763.

The advantage of podcast advertising is that the audience has a high level of confidence in the podcaster.

6) Advertisements on Podcasts

With the surge in popularity of podcasts over the last 10 years, advertisers have a lot of options to reach an engaged audience.

Advertisers on podcasts are referred to as “sponsors” since they help podcasters continue in business. As a trade-off for the sponsorship, the podcast host usually provides an ad read (similar to radio) on each episode.

The audience has a high level of trust in the person reading the offer, which is a significant advantage of advertising on podcasts. The majority of listeners are aware that the podcaster will not promote items or services that are inappropriate for their target audience.

Typically, the prevailing fee for advertising on a podcast is £18-25 CPM (cost per thousand downloads). Some of the most famous podcasts charge between £40 and £80 per thousand listens and only promote things that they personally use.

7) Suggestions

One of the simplest strategies to increase your company leads is to enlist the assistance of people you know. Make contact with friends, acquaintances, past employers, nonprofit groups, schools and universities, and even other businesses that could require your skills. Tell them you’re in business and ask if they can utilise your services or refer folks who could require what you’re selling.

Although this may appear to be an overly simplistic strategy, many of the finest business agreements are made as a consequence of someone knowing someone who requires your services.

A compelling internet discount might be enough to entice new clients to visit a local shop.

8) Offers that are specific to a specific location

To assist increase their presence online, every business should build a Google My Business profile. The sites are completely free and allow local searchers to locate businesses in their area.

According to Think With Google study, 75 percent of individuals who see local, useful information in search results are more inclined to go to the shop.

Google now allows you to add Offers to your listing in addition to information. These are usually discounts or incentives to get customers to try your business.

If someone is already looking for a company like yours in their region, a little coupon with a special deal can be enough to get them to phone or visit.

9) Joint Ventures

It’s all about getting your offer in front of the proper individuals when it comes to marketing your company. Finding current audiences that match your intended market is one of the simplest ways to achieve this.

Partnering with non-competing firms that advertise to the same individuals as you is a wonderful method to achieve this. Look for services that might potentially provide value to your consumers while also assisting their customers.

Joint ventures are an excellent strategy to increase brand awareness and revenue. You can profit from your partnering company’s trust and authority, and they can gain from yours.

Video may be used to market, educate, and maintain consumer relationships.

10) Advertising & Video Content

Youtube has risen to become the world’s most popular video platform since its start in 2005. In a typical month, 80% of people between the ages of 18 and 49 watch YouTube.

Not only does Youtube allow you to promote, but the video format is also a wonderful approach to establish trust with your audience. Businesses who employ video in their advertising and marketing will see a higher level of client engagement. Having a Youtube account and incorporating video marketing into your business may also help with SEO.

Video may be used to market, educate, and maintain consumer relationships. You may now include video as an add-on to each of your blog posts.

Most importantly, the cost of video production has decreased significantly. A corporation may set up an in-house studio and start producing high-quality videos for less than a few thousand dollars.

You will begin to draw attention if you develop a website that answers queries and gives solutions to difficulties.

11) Organic Web Traffic

Of course, everyone wants their website to appear at the top of Google’s search results. There is still a substantial possibility to increase your awareness through organic reach with some effort and dedication.

The usefulness of your website is always the deciding factor in organic traffic. You will begin to draw attention if you design a website that answers your potential customers’ inquiries and gives solutions to their difficulties. The more people that visit your website, the higher it will appear in Google’s search results. If you can obtain backlinks from other websites, your site’s rating will improve as well.

While organic traffic is ostensibly free, it requires a significant amount of effort to grow. It might also take some time, therefore patience is required. Continue to create written and video material that you can post on social media, and interest will build over time.

Despite the rise of streaming, many individuals continue to watch television and are susceptible to advertising.

12) Television and radio broadcasts in real time

It may appear that, as a result of the exponential rise of digital marketing, ‘traditional’ media such as television and radio are no longer worth advertising on. Live television is no longer as popular as it once was, thanks to the rise of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Many customers still utilise these platforms and are susceptible to commercial impact. In reality, 92 percent of adults listened to the radio at least once a week in the first quarter of 2019, and 92 percent of persons aged 35 to 65 watched live television at least once a week.

While advertising on television or radio may appear to be costly if you chose local chapters, the reach might be profitable. You may attract an interested clientele who will then look for you online or on social media, depending on your business.

13) Participating in Community Events

Speakers are frequently needed for sessions at industry conferences, volunteer organisations, libraries, and local business groups. Being a speaker at these events will help you in terms of name recognition, new contacts, and PR.

While speaking in front of an audience might be scary, it is also one of the most effective methods to expand your network and establish authority.

Being visible in your local community is critical for company marketing as a business owner. Simple networking, even if it does not involve technology, may be a powerful marketing strategy. When you’re a member of the community, potential clients may arrive from unexpected areas.

Many customers will go to a website after seeing a product in a catalogue or newspaper advertisement.

14) Direct Mail / Print Media

The increase of web-based content, like that of television and radio, has resulted in a decrease in printed media. Printed media and direct mail channels, on the other hand, still provide a lot of potential.

According to a 2017 research by the American Press Institute, 58 percent of individuals consider themselves to be mostly print-oriented, while 28 percent consider themselves to be primarily digital. Adults 65 and older, in particular, who pay for news, are five times more likely to buy print than digital.

When it comes to direct mail (advertisements sent to a mailbox), the United States Postal Service says that 42.2 percent of direct mail recipients read or scan their mail. In addition, after discovering a product in a catalogue, customers are more inclined to visit a website.

Pros: Excellent for small businesses, and can aid with brand awareness over time.

Cons: Results are difficult to follow immediately, and it may take multiple campaigns to demonstrate results.

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