Side hustles will never create wealth for you and your family…

Get wealthy George James

When you do the calculations, you’ll find that side hustles aren’t going to make you wealthy.

Did you know that Uber drivers earn an average of £154 each month? That works out to £1,860 every year, which means it would take about 538 years to earn £1 million—which isn’t a lot of money. It’s not that you can’t get wealthy; it’s simply that you won’t live that long! I’m not saying this to make you feel bad. I’m telling you this so that I may assist you in focusing your efforts on what will produce results. You will become a powerful and unstoppable person once you learn to control and focus on what counts.

That’s exactly what I’ll demonstrate here.

There’s nothing wrong with a desire to amass incredible fortune. Success is necessary for living a fulfilling life, but you must first choose why you want to accomplish it. Those are the reasons for which you exist. Having a purpose will completely transform your perspective on success. It will change success from a choice to a duty, responsibility, and obligation. You won’t be motivated to reach your full potential as long as you consider it as an option. Commit to your goal; it’s where you should focus your efforts. When you are driven by anything other than money, it is simpler to stay devoted.

As you might have suspected from my introduction, I’m not a fan of the term “side hustle.” It creates the idea that you aren’t serious about your relationship. Having a side hustle implies that you have a “primary” business that you aren’t focusing on. What kind of outcomes would you achieve if you focused solely on your core business? I’ve discovered throughout my life that committing 100 percent to any course of action produces rapid benefits. When I wasn’t, the outcomes were either delayed or never arrived. I was in and out of sales for five years before deciding to make it my full-time job.

Prior to it, my performance had been mediocre at best. Only when I was completely focused and obsessed with learning all I could about sales was I able to earn enough money to help me achieve my goal.

The theory is that if you want to be affluent, you should stop doing part-time employment. They aren’t doing anything to help you. They are nothing more than distractions from the tasks that require your whole focus. Stop looking for other options, too. Make a commitment to your principal source of income and work to improve it. It is deserving of your love and care, and it is in severe need of it. Commitment possesses a magical quality. See what happens if you do it right now.

All the best,


George James

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