Advertise for small business

So you want to advertise your small business and there are an enormous amount of options to choose from offline and online. Here are a few ways you can start to get your business found online. Because at the end of the day if nobody knows you or cannot find you, you will not survive very long in business.

Make a strategy for your channels and techniques.
You may look into multiple channels if you have a target market and consumer persona. There are just so many ways to promote inbound:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Ads
  • Branding
  • Referral
  • Virality

No matter how hard you try, some channels will not work for your business. If you offer dish soap, for example, virality is usually not a good idea.

Similarly, certain channels may function in theory but will need so much effort and risk to implement that you should definitely put them on hold for the time being in favour of channels with a bigger effect.

Use this heuristic to find your top channels: “how does a buyer acquire this sort of product?”

When it comes to lawn maintenance for example, it’s generally when their lawn has grown too long and they want immediate assistance. This sort of demand is well-suited to SEO and search advertisements.

Content is frequently effective for SaaS products.

In any event, think about it and talk to your coworkers about it before diving into a channel. Joining a channel just because your rivals have or because it’s new and popular isn’t enough. We don’t need any more gurus or businesses attempting to go popular on Reddit, and we particularly don’t need any more businesses attempting to go viral on Snapchat. Make the decisions that make the most sense to you.

Create material and follow the playbook’s instructions.
Any inbound channel, let alone any marketing channel, will necessitate a messaging plan. How you handle communications will have a big impact on how effective the channel is.


There are many methods you could use to market your business online and they will no doubt be some new platforms that come out in the near future. It will however be a case of you making a decision based on what your product or service is to decide whether or not you are likely to get in front of your audience on that platform in a way that engages them an ultimately improves your bottom line.

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